Beyond Code Sofia: Remote Work for Senior Developers

betahaus Sofia - Beyond Code Sofia: Remote Work for Senior Developers

betahaus Sofia
четвъртък 28.6.2018
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betahaus Sofia
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Beyond Code Sofia: Remote Work for Senior Developers
Are you a senior software developer who dreams of working remotely or even becoming a digital nomad?
Remote work has a lot to offer. As an independent contractor you can earn better money, have flexible workings hours that suit your lifestyle, work on interesting projects with international clients and what is more, do it from anywhere in the world.
If you think it is impossible, come to Beyond Code Sofia. Find out how to become a digital nomad and a location independent developer and get the idea of how to work with international clients, in distributed teams and in the multicultural work environment – experts, who started from the same position as yours, will share their first-hand experience.
This meetup will prepare you for both the drawbacks and the challenges awaiting, as well as show great benefits that would come your way. 

Talk #1
Eight years of being a digital nomad and writing code around the worldMarko Paunović, Desktop and backend software engineer

Marko Paunović is a freelance software engineer specialised in desktop and backend development. He has started his professional freelance career in 2011 and has been working remotely since then. He started his digital nomad life after buying a one-way ticket to Thailand. Since then he worked and travel across Asia and Europe. He visited countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines and Malaysia. Besides travelling, he also drives a motorbike and 2 years ago he went on a motorbike trip through Europe.

Talk #2How to work in distributed teams and with international clientsMariana Georgieva, Senior software engineer, Uber

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Mariana Georgieva is a senior software engineer with 16 years of experience. For most of her professional career, she was a part of remote teams distributed all over the globe. She worked in many different countries like Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and with clients from the U.S. or Great Britain. She has experiences working among multi nationalities and culturally diverse backgrounds. Besides writing code, she was involved in building and designing products and managing the projects in various methodologies. She worked for such companies like, Skrill (Moneybookers), Delivery Hero and now Uber.

Our venue partner

betahaus | Sofia is the first coworking space in Bulgaria, one of the largest in the region and part of one of the most successful coworking networks in Europe with branches in Berlin, Barcelona, Hamburg, and Sofia.
Based in the heart of Sofia, betahaus educates, entertains and boosts a new generation of leaders.We have a powerful web of affluent partnerships with coworking spaces around the world, with global leaders in the financial industry and in media & technology sectors, with government and non-governmental organisations.
betahaus | Sofia brings together the best from the creative scene in Bulgaria — startups, founders, freelancers, VCs and innovators — from all sectors to inspire and be inspired.

Event Code of Conduct
Please make sure you read our Events Code of Conduct. We expect all attendees, speakers, organisers, sponsors and all people involved in this event to follow these rules.

Beyond Code
Beyond Code is a series of international evening meet-ups for senior software developers, concerning all aspects of their work except for coding. We educate developers on how to handle working with clients, share best practices from successful companies and broaden their perspective by introducing role-models. Beyond Code kicked off last year in the U.S. and moved to Europe and visited Serbia, Croatia. This year Beyond Code will be held in Romania, Slovakia and etc.

Do you want to organise Beyond Code in your city/country?
Write to us with subject [Organising Beyond Code] at events[at]
Do you want to speak at Beyond Code?
Write to us with subject [Speaking at Beyond Code] at events[at]

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