Learning for Sustainability - Bulgaria (Erasmus+)

Bansko - Learning for Sustainability - Bulgaria (Erasmus+)

понеделник 1.7.2019
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Education for sustainability (EfS) is gaining increasing importance in curricula across Europe; globally EfS is one of the UN Global Goals. If we are to live in a vibrant socially and economically sustainable communities then EfS has a key role to play. Recent research and practice in EfS has shown how values are critical to underpin sustainable behaviour change. In this course you will explore how to integrate values in your learning and how EfS can lead to sustainable behaviour change in school and society.

Education for sustainability (EfS) is an approach to learning, life and work. It enables learners, educators, schools and their wider communities to build a socially-just, sustainable and equitable society. An effective whole school and community approach to EfS weaves together global citizenship, sustainable development education, outdoor learning and children’s rights to create coherent, rewarding and transformative learning experiences.

This course will introduce you to EfS in a practical and accessible way. We will explore opportunities for developing an EfS programme in you school which delivers curriculum outcomes and excites students. During the course we will carry out a whole school audit to assess opportunities for learning in both the formal and in-formal curriculum; this will lead to developing your own plan to implement within your own institution.

The course will take place at the Deshka education centre in the village of Gorno Draglishte in the foothills of the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria. Staying in local guest houses, participants will have the unique opportunity to be part of the local lifestyle and explore the beautiful surrounding natural environment and the traditional lifestyles what maintain it.

The course is suitable for all teachers with a passion for teaching about sustainability.

The cost of the course is €300 including all course materials. Full board accommodation and local travel within the course is €660.

Funding – all courses are eligible for funding through Erasmus+. We are happy to support you in your application

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