Outdoor Learning in Nature - Bulgaria (Erasmus+)

Bansko - Outdoor Learning in Nature - Bulgaria (Erasmus+)

понеделник 22.4.2019
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This course will explore a range of outdoor learning approaches including Earth Education and field studies. You will be able to take part in a range of practical activities as well as share good practice with other teachers.

Young people of all ages benefit from real life ‘hands on’ experiences. Seeing, hearing, touching and exploring the world help young people connect what they learn in school to their life outside it and to the world around them. Learning outside the classroom (LOtC) has the aim of improving students’ knowledge of a subject and to develop skills, values and personal development which are vital elements of students learning and achievement.

The course is underpinned by a new model for outdoor learning developed by the Real World Learning Network. The model brings together six core elements that research and practice has shown are important for successful outdoor learning (see for more information).

The course is suitable for all teachers with a passion for learning outside the classroom.

The cost of the course is €300 including all course materials. Full board accommodation and local travel within the course is €660.

Funding – all courses are eligible for funding through Erasmus+. We are happy to support you in your application.

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