International Folklore Festival City of Burgas, Bulgaria

Burgas, Bulgaria - International Folklore Festival City of Burgas, Bulgaria

Burgas, Bulgaria
понеделник 20.8.2018
от 12:00
неделя 26.8.2018
До 22:00
Burgas, Bulgaria
3 участник
**(last application date 25 December.2017)**
1. The Organising Committee cover the expenses of not more than 30 people of each ensemble, including managers, translators, drivers and other officials.
2. The participants must be over 15 years. Children's ensembles are not permitted.
3. We will prefer for dance groups with live music but recorded music also acceptable.
4. Not later than June 30th the ensembles must inform the festival organisers about their travel arrangement and visas if such is required.
5. During the festival period the ensemble is required to make a medical insurance for all the group members. The insurance must be submitted at the border crossing location in Bulgaria.
6. In connection with the opening and closing festival days each group must introduce a couple of performers in order to participate in Bulgarian dance rehearsing.
7. Ensembles who have participated in previous years are allowed to take part in the Festival.
8. A gift exchange with the organisers is expected. Manager, translators and two performers dressed in traditional costumes will participate in an official meeting with some representatives of the local authorities.
9. The Individual schedule will be given to the ensembles on the day of their arrival.
10. All ensembles will receive a diploma for participation in the festival.The festival organisation will provide a translator-guide for each ensemble.
11. The festival organisation will provide the ensemble an accommodation, meals and a internal transport in Burgas during the festival period. The groups will arrive 20 August 2018 and depart
26 August 2018.
12. The festival organisation will provide medical services in case of emergencies and incidents. The festival organisation is not responsible for any medical assistance before the beginning of the festival.

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13. The accommodation is in a hotel - recreation facilities that includes meal for the entire period of the Festival. The rooms can be occupied by 2 to 4 people.
14. An Information for special dietary requirements (because of health or religious reasons) needs to be submitted to the organisers not later than 15 days before the beginning of the festival.
15. The festival organisation does not include the accommodation and meal after the festival period. The groups have to leave the hotel rooms after breakfast time on the day after the official closing of the Festival.
16. The festival organisers provide to the groups some spare time for rest. A cultural and a tourist program will be proposed during that period.
17. Any special requirement of the Ensemble will be considered according to the circumstances. The Festival Organising Committee has the right to change the schedule of the program at any time during the festival. The ensembles must confirm that they accept all festival conditions.

Murat ERDEM :,
Salih ÖNSOY :,
Miroslav DAMYANOV :
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