Beer.js Summit 2019

Maymunarnika, Park Borisova Gradina - Beer.js Summit 2019

Maymunarnika, Park Borisova Gradina
четвъртък 1.8.2019
от 17:00 До 22:30
Maymunarnika, Park Borisova Gradina
BGSofiaМаймунарника, 1164 София, Bulgaria1164
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In August we will talk again about JavaScript with beer in Maymunarnika, Park Borisova Gradina.
We'll start with welcome drinks, will pass by several lightning talks, by JavaScript gurus, and will conclude with networking.
Preliminary schedule: 
17:00-18:00 Authentication, Wellcome Drinks & Handshaking18:00 - 19:00 Opening19:00-22:00 Lighting Talsks : 22:00~ Beer and snacks, and friendly chatting
Lightning talks will be 15 min.We will have lighting talks from the most well known JS speakers 
Call for speakers is open: 
Beer.js is organized in partnership with TechTalks and SofiaJS UG:


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The schedule will be available soon..
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