Migration CQI&IRCA accredited ISO 45001:2018

Bulgaria - Migration CQI&IRCA accredited ISO 45001:2018

четвъртък 24.10.2019
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петък 25.10.2019
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Introduction to the standard and benefits of being trained
ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems - Requirements provide guidance on application and provide a robust and effective set of processes to improve workplace safety in global supply chains. Designed to help organizations from different industries and scales minimize injuries and illnesses in the workplace. The purpose of the OSH management system is to provide a framework for risk and opportunity management. The aim and the predicted results of the OHS management system are to prevent injuries and illness of work-related workers, to improve and provide safe and healthy working places; therefore, it is essential for the organization to eliminate or minimize the risks to the BDA by taking effective preventive and protective measures.
Objectives of the course
After the training:
• You will be able to understand and interpret the new requirements of ISO 45001:2018;
• You will have the necessary qualification to work on the OHS system of the organization during the transition period to ISO 45001:2018.
Program (we prefer using Topic of the course and don’t want to list the full programme of the course by days)

Annex SL
Scope of the MS based on Annex SL
New requirements in ISO 45001:2018
Implementation of the new requirements about context, leadership, planning and maintenance in Annex SL
Review of the transition requirements

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Profile of attendees (eg. Quality managers, certifiers, etc.)
The course is aimed at internal auditors or lead auditors in ISO 45001:2018.
Requirements to attend the course ((eg. to have a knowledge on ISO 9001, etc.)
Delegates should have knowledge or practical experience in OHS, as well as s certificate for internal or lead auditor in OHS 18001:2007.
Details of the course:
The course ends with and exam.
Please note, a member of the Intertek team will contact you after registration regarding course fee information.
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