Medipath International: International Emergency Medicine Symposium

Medical University, Sofia - Medipath International: International Emergency Medicine Sy...

Medical University, Sofia
понеделник 27.5.2019
от 10:00
петък 31.5.2019
До 17:30
Medical University, Sofia
BGСофияul. "Zdrave" 21431
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Medipath International presents our very first event: International Emergency Medicine Symposium 
6 Keynote speakers from America are coming to Bulgaria to give lectures on a wide range of various topics. This will also include daily interactive lectures such as bedside echocardiography, FAST Ultrasound and Ultrasound guided IVs and so much more! 
Now, we at Medipath International understand for students the budget can be limited at times however there is no need to worry as the whole weeks’ worth of lectures are FREE for everyone to attend!! For the active participants that want additional clinical hands-on workshops not to worry! We have organised with the Bulgarian Resuscitation Council to run Certified workshops which will include: Emergency Life Support, Bleeding Control, Surgical skills: Suturing, Medical Skills: IVs & taking bloods as well as focused teaching sessions on a Virtual Simulation Body Interact Table! 
We look forward to seeing you then! 
Medipath International 
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